Throwing Out Myths Associated With Pawning Gold

PawnThere are a lot of people today that are interested in selling or even pawning gold, but don’t know how or what the benefits are. Some people have misconceptions about what these things may be, or how they work. If you aren’t sure how gold selling or pawning works, or you just aren’t sure how to move forward with the right element for your needs may be, considering a pawn solution. Not only that, consider throwing out the following myths that can be associated with pawning today. Once you know the truth about selling gold, you will want to think about getting paid today.

You Won’t Get That Much Money

This is a myth. There are some companies that will not give you a great deal of money, but they are usually not pawn brokers. You see, options that advertise that they will buy your gold are going to cause a great deal of frustration for you. The problem that they are going to pose is the hidden fees and extra costs associated with selling them your items. If you look at consumer reviews about some of the more popular gold dealers, you’ll see that they don’t have your best interests in mind. They have their own interests in mind, and that could mean that you are not going to be able to gain the upper hand in regard to selling or even pawning. This is just not a good thing, and something that you should look out for.

Only Pristine Gold Is Purchased

When it comes to selling gold, you may be tempted to assume that you can only get away with giving pristine solutions. That’s not the case at all. Pawn brokers will take on options of various types and will even take broken, old, and dusty elements if they are solid. Solid pieces of gold don’t always look great, especially if you have jewelry that you haven’t worn in a long time. No matter what the condition of the pieces are, you can make money with them, if you just look at options that abound through pawning.

Getting Your Gold Pawned Is Hard

Pawn ShopThis is not true at all. There may be some stores that make it difficult for consumers, but chances are that you are not going to run into them in your local area. If you want to ensure that you get your gold options pawned with ease, go with a reputable resource. There’s a lot of options that you can explore in this regard, and you may be surprised by what you see overall. Getting your gold pawned is not a difficult matter, but can be difficult to manage if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Either way, go with a trusted resource and you will find that this process is made even easier with the internet.

No One Wants Old Jewelry

That’s not true. Fashion changes, sure, but there are many people that like to collect, buy, and use old jewelry for a number of reasons. If you have a gold chain, necklace, or just about anything that you are not using anymore, why not pursue the option to pawn? You will find that it’s going to help you get the upper hand in your finances. You will receive quite a sum if you seek this solution out. It’s simply a great option to pursue, especially if you’re looking at getting rid of old jewelry that you don’t use and no one else wants. Someone will buy it, and it’s usually a good pawn broker, as they work with gold pieces of all types, and it’s a great option to pursue.

PCB Assembly Design Guidelines

Before you go and work on your PCB assembly, you have to keep in mind that there are certain guidelines that you must adhere to in order for it to work properly.

Here are those guidelines:

Pad Design and Solder Masking

The PCB Assembly’s Solder Pad should by no means be larger than the solder mask so that optimal strength can be expected. There should be a 1:1 ratio for the pad and the mask.
You will need non-solder masks because it has been determined that these masks have copper-etching capabilities that make the PCB even more effective. They are also able to make the solder pad more reliable and are able to give it a longer life.

Guidelines for Board Mounting

pcb-assembly As this process deals with stencil design of the quick turn PCB Assembly, it is important that you give utmost care and attention to it. Use only stainless steel stencils that are metal squeegees and with a thickness of 0.10 to 0.20 millimeters. However, if you are going to use polymer squeegees, make sure that you use at least 90 durometer minimum.

Electro-polished and laser-cut stencils are a must. This is because polishing the stencils makes them smoother and therefore, make them easier to attach. It is also recommended that you use tapers with bottoms of 25 to 50 microns so that paste can be easily released. Do not exceed an aspect of 1.5 and a ratio of 0.66 to maintain proper stencil design.

Use type 3 or 4 solder paste in mounting the assembly. It would also be helpful if you use Nitrogen Purge so that gasses would easily reflow around the system and so that there would be less risk of voiding the solder joints. You should also ensure that there is enough time for gasses to escape from the molten solder.

Peak temperature and profile of reflow also have strong influences on void formation. It would be better if you follow the recommendation of paste makers on the packages.

Design and Trace

You have to use the dog-bone style pad with a pitch of 0.8 or 0.5 millimeters so the pitch could easily land on the pad. Take note that the holes need tenting so you have to leave a space with a width of 0.075 millimeters in order for dimensions to be detailed and so that there would be proper PCB breakout.

Guidelines for Rework

Retouch is limited because the solder joints are not fully exposed. If you see any defects, you have to remove the whole package and assemble it again. This might be a challenge as PCB assembly parts are quite small but with the right guidelines in mind, you will be able to do a fine job.

pcb-assembly-serviceIn order to make sure that you get to place those parts the right way, you have to check if the PCB is dry. If it is, you are on the right track. Next, you should work on the solder joints and place it on the PCB. Heat the board from the side convector to easily remove the parts and be able to place them again.

Clean the site so it will be easier for you to work. Use a soldering blade and a conductive tool to do the cleaning. You should now be able to do solder-pasting again by using a miniature stencil. You can also use the mini stencil to print the paste.

Attachment and Placement

Lastly, perform alignment with the help of 50x by 100x magnification so the placement machine would easily understand what you are doing. Use the reflow profile to easily attach the PCB assembly parts and so that the need for thermocouple feedback will be lessened or eliminated. This will also help reduce dependency on operators.



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Financial Concerns on Funeral Services

One of the concerns of the family whose one beloved had passed away is the cost of the funeral services, which may add to their emotional and psychological burden. Funerals, like weddings, birthdays, or reunions, are occasions where people really need to spend money in order to satisfy everybody, even the deceased. It is important for family members to be wise about the decisions that they make about the funeral arrangements of their dearly departed to avoid unnecessary financial burden.

funeral servicesFunerals are highly emotional events especially if the death is unexpected. These events catch the family unprepared emotionally as well as financially. Despite these conditions, the family will still have to carefully think of the funeral services they choose for their departed loved one. Talking to the funeral director should be helpful enough to determine the kind of services that will fit their budget.

Among the details that should be decided on are the type of services, the casket, the duration of the viewing, and the final resting place of the deceased. Other matters such as the size of the viewing room, the refreshments to be served, and other miscellaneous items can be decided on depending on the number of expected guests. In some instances, the guests bring food and other donations to help the family out.

Funeral homes offer funeral services in packages or plans.

Through these the family can choose the packages depending on their budget. It is important to note that some items in the packages cannot be refunded. Services that are deemed unnecessary might just add to the cost without giving benefits to the family. Those with limited budgets should watch out for these items and negotiate with the funeral director on adjustments in the package price.

It would be wise to think of ways to cut down on funeral expenses. One obvious way is to purchase a plan or an insurance coverage way before it is needed. If there are no provisions for funeral expenses, the only way for the family to cope financially is to make do with what they have. Personal resources can be utilized. Some might be lucky enough to have friends who would offer to help out in some ways. Handling some of the services without professional help could be an option.

Another way to reduce funeral costs would be to hold the viewing at home. This will save them from the expenses that come with renting a viewing room. The funeral home can take care of preparing the body and putting the remains in the casket. They can also take care of transporting the casket and the remains to the deceased’s final resting place. It would be a good idea to ask the funeral director about their basic package and options for home viewing.

There are also organizations that offer funeral services at a lower price.

They can take care of organizing the event and attending to all the details of the service. Religious organizations and spiritual institutions might be of help in this regard and are not likely to charge fees. The expenses will be charged at cost.

funeral-servicesIf the deceased owns an insurance policy, the family might be able to cover the funeral expenses. However, it usually takes several days or even weeks to claim insurance benefits. It is often difficult for the family to go to the insurance company and file the claim while attending to the funeral details at the same time. A common recourse is to borrow funds, either from relatives or from a quick loan provider, and then repay the loan when they receive the insurance proceeds.

Even as funeral services can be expensive, it does not make sense for the family to be buried in debt just to give their departed loved on a decent funeral and burial. There are ways to save on funeral expenses. It does not have to be an elaborate event. A simple funeral where the deceased’s family and friends are sincere in celebrating his life is enough to honor his memory.


If you want to take advantage of quality custom embroidered patches to match your specific needs, be sure to find a reputable brand. You can look for competitively priced items that offer low minimums. Hence, it’s also important to guarantee quality designs to support your embroidered patches requirements in the most efficient way possible.

By choosing a company that ensures customer satisfaction, your priorities are sure to be achieved at reasonable rates. With highly skilled embroidery artists, your needs will be met in no time. Custom embroidered patches are essential in many garments. So, if you currently need custom designs to suit your requirements, it’s better to work with a reliable company.

The following are the reasons why people need custom service for their required patches:

  • Camping organizations and clubs
  • Police and fire departments
  • Sports teams
  • Military units
  • Schools
  • Motorcycle clubs
  • Businesses
  • Emergency units


Custom embroidered patches are needed in uniforms and other work or organizational outfits. It simply represents any club, group, or organization in terms of the logo designs. And the best embroidery service should manufacture your specific patches with proper size and shape that you exactly need. Be sure to find the right service with higher level of clientele satisfaction offered at all times.

How to Get Ultimate Patch Designs Online

To achieve desirable designs, experience and excellence will help you determine if you’re working with the best service provider available in your local area. You can also ask them related questions to guarantee quality results. In fact, custom embroidered patches need your exact details to make sure that they’re creating the perfect design.
By identifying borders, backing, stitching, and a lot more, you will receive the right patches for your current requirements. Proportions should be cleared before you have them manufactured your embroidered patches. Know if they full understand your specific needs in order to arrive at the best outcomes.

Steps in Making Personalized Embroidered Patches

Custom Embroided Patches
1. Clarifications of the specific requirements and designs needed –

So, you require custom patches with premium types. The best way is to first conduct some research online on the best options through customer reviews. The company with plethora of positive testimonials is surely the right choice.

2. Choose from several patch options –

Pick the patch that you’re exactly looking for. Be sure to select from more options to be able to find the right design. You can choose from iron on, metallic threading, hot cut, or sticky tape. Specify your needs and let them work on it in a timely fashion.

3. Thread the colors you want –

There are great variety of colors that you can select from. You can also ask for professional advice on which hues will match your design. Custom creations are best to make since they have detailed requirements to conform. Thus, custom patches will satisfy your exact requirements for more quality garments.

Show your creativity by letting them know your desired logo. An experienced company can offer you expert details to maximize your patches. Did you know that merrowed borders are repeatedly related to traditional patches? It’s actually the “wraparound” edging on the patches while having some lip around it. For ovals, circles, squares, and rectangles, your design will need the right shape for maximum results.

Make your patches unique with custom designs. However, choose an excellent company that offers not only reasonable items but also reliable designs and materials. Be sure to do some research before choosing a company in order to provide you with better options and advantages. Create detailed patches with the right materials and enjoy them in the long run!

How Keynote Speakers Conceptualize a Successful Customized Talk

Did we ever wonder how good keynote speakers conceptualize and prepare for a talk? With so many topics in a sea of various niches available, do they still have time to master its concepts to uniquely deliver it by heart to the seminar participants? In this short article, we will briefly discuss the process of how speakers prepare and create a customized keynote program for their clients.

How Customized Lectures Begin

A good keynote speaker will accept a lecture because he is confident enough that he can learn the topics and deliver it correctly to the intended participants. To start off, he meets with the client and discusses what the talk will be about, what the purpose will be and when it is set to be held. Once the client and the speaker agree about these essential things, they sign a contract and a lecture date is set. Some companies require that a certain form be filled up, asking for more detailed information about the lecture’s subject and topics.

Conferences and Meetings
Keynote-speakerAfter knowing more about the company and the intended use of the lectures, the keynote speaker, his team of researchers, and the client typically hold a series of meetings to brainstorm and set their expectations from each other. In these meetings, the client presents to the speaker what he wishes to convey in the seminar. He familiarizes the speaker with his company so that the speaker will know how to plan the lecture accordingly. The client also presents the customizations he requires for the entire lecture to go on smoothly as he envisioned it to be. Together, client and keynote speakers review the content and outcomes of the upcoming lecture.

Contacting other Resource Persons

After brainstorming, both the client and the keynote speakers decide if it will be feasible to contact other field experts to enhance the lecture. Interviewing other key personalities in the company’s field can provide an excellent way to enhance the lecture’s content by combining the expertise and insights of other experts. The client and speaker will figure out if this additional method needs to be done. The client can also inform the speaker if he opts not to contact other resource persons.

Using Additional Tools for Lecture Enhancement

Several speakers employ tools to further improve and customize their talks according to their client’s needs. Assessment and bench marking tools come in handy for certain situations. This holds true for talks requiring a bit of behavioral or emotional influence. For instance, a talk about motivating employees to work harder might require a research into the company’s best employees. The keynote speaker’s team will probe into the best employee’s practices and ways. They will collate their findings and use them to analyze what needs to be done to improve lazy employee’s performances. Recommendations will then be created, which will be included in the future seminar.

Further Research on the Topics Covered

Keynote speakers don’t just magically master the topics they need to deliver in a snap. They have dedicated research teams which help them discover more about the client, their company, and their intended seminar topic. The team will conduct an in-depth research relevant to the topics that need to be delivered. In this way, the seminar is enriched with more vital information that will ultimately benefit its participants.

Keynote speaker

Personal Preparation of the Keynote Speaker

After all the research is done and the final topics are approved by the client, the keynote speaker then personally prepares himself to deliver the seminar. He carefully studies each topic and learns it by heart. He envisions how to best deliver the topics in a lively, interactive and fun manner. The speaker also keeps in mind the necessary customizations that the client wants. The success of the seminar now heavily relies on how the speaker will deliver his talk in front of the participants on the day of the seminar.

Careful Preparation is Key to a Successful Talk

Going through the long process of preparing for a seminar is no piece of cake. It requires dedication and understanding on both the client’s and the speaker’s part. Ultimately, the seminar will be successful if the speaker handled the desired subject well and imparted the necessary message to the participants in a way that’s creative and retain able. For the speakers at motivational-speaker-success, a huge seminar success is ensured thanks to their keen research, detailed preparation and excellent keynote speakers.

Basics of Golf Drivers: Buyers’ Guide

If you are an avid golfer or just starting out in this beloved sport, one of the basic golfing equipment that you will need is the golf driver.  Golf drivers are among the baseline equipment that you will need in your golf bag.  When it comes to buying new equipment, many golfers admit that it can be a daunting task, especially with the number of excellent products that are available in the market nowadays.

It also boils down to budget restrictions.  The game of golf can get quite expensive, and it is a practical thing to buy quality equipment at affordable prices.  In fact, the driver is easily the most expensive equipment in your golf bag.  If you are on the lookout for inexpensive but branded and highly ranked golf drivers, then check out rockbottomgolf. They have top-of-the-line golfing equipment that will suit your budget.

The current market landscape of manufacturers of golf drivers is bright.  Current technologies have allowed these top brands to research, design and develop features and benefits that will help improve your game.

If you are looking into buying your first golf driver, or maybe you are one of those who need to upgrade their driver, here are

Golf Driver

Some basic information that you need to know about this much-needed golfing equipment:

1. What is the driver?

The driver, also called the 1 wood, has the largest club head in your golf bag.  Drivers are used for long-distance shots.  They are usually used from the tee box for your first shot.  Most modern drivers are made of graphite shafts. The driver is typically the longest club in the set. The parts of the driver are the heel, face, sole, toe, crown, and hosel.

The driver’s face is the largest hitting part of the club.  There are various club head sizes that you can choose from, but the largest club head size that the game allows is 460 cubic centimeters.  The higher the cc number, the more forgiving it is on off-center shots.  460 cubic centimeters is actually the most popular size of the driver club head, although more skilled players use drivers with smaller-sized heads.

2. What material should I buy?

Many drivers are made with either titanium or composite heads that are virtually unbreakable yet remarkably light materials.  Titanium in particular is strong, durable and light. This material also allowed golf equipment companies to increase the size of the club head but not increase the weight of the driver.  This means that you can swing faster and produce more distance.

Drivers made from composite materials are mixtures of lightweight material such as carbon, and heavyweight materials such as tungsten.  These materials are researched and tested by companies as a result of feedback from players and other experts in the game.

Carbon is a good material especially when used on the crown because it reduces the overall weight of the driver.

Golf Drivers

3. What is Moment of Inertia (MOI)?

Moment of Inertia or MOI is a term that you will hear often whenever there is a discussion on golf drivers.  MOI refers to the forgiveness level of a club.  This particularly pertains to its resistance to twisting at impact, which is a fact that most golf newbies are familiar with.  If the MOI of the club is higher, then there is a lower chance that this will twist when you strike the golf ball away from the face’s center.

4. What is loft?

Loft tells you the height of the ball as it flies off the club face.  It typically indicates whether your ball flew high or low, and the measurement is based on a vertical axis.  The most common loft of drivers is within the range of 8 to 12 degrees.  Loft puts a lot of backspin on the ball, which enables it to lift into the ground.  If the loft is higher, it will create more backspin.

5. What should be the length of my shaft?

The length of a shaft should only be 48 inches, as the law dictates.  The most common drivers in the market are about 46 inches long.  If the driver is longer, the club head travels further during the swing, and increases the speed. However, a longer driver will also affect control and the dispersion of the shot.

Golf drivers have come a long way from the time they were made from wood, then steel and now composite materials such as titanium.  It helps to think about the factors that we mentioned here before purchasing one.  It is also good to know how they are actually used in the game.  With this information, we hope that you can choose the best driver for you.

How to make profitable software review website

Today, millions of individuals like us spend so much time on their computers and phones using application to build, create, and connect with other people. These apps have already become an integral part of our daily lives whether it be during our free time or when we’re at work. It’s hard to imagine ourselves living without them as they have enabled us to become efficient in doing most of our tasks that we’ve developed a over dependence on them. This may be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective but nevertheless, we continue to progress because of innovations in technology; However, the rapid proliferation of software and applications has led to a general drop in their quality as get to see more and more of blatant clones and rip-offs of other established programs. Nowadays, we’ve seen a lot of companies that create software just so that they can milk their users for some money, rather than provide them with a quality user interface and experience.


Finding a good app nowadays has become very difficult, and thus more people have been resorting to reviews from actual users in making purchase decisions. An opportunity arises from this new market and if you’re skilled enough to do it, you can actually make profit by helping people make better decisions. If you are adept in using software and applications for various devices, you tap into your expertise and possibly make a career out of it by finding ways to monetize your reviews. If you feel like helping people out, this can be done as simple as putting up a blog, get people to visit it, and put up some relevant ads on it. If you become popular enough, companies may offer you a sponsorship and ask you to review their software. With the potential income you can earn from this sideline, you can use it to buy more software or even making a whole career out of it. See, it’s a win-win situation for you and people out there trying to find good programs. Although there are many software review sites running, most of them are monotone and highly impersonal, which is why building a website that offers very insightful reviews on software will help differentiate you from others. Given your expertise, all you need to know now are creating blog like yours.

How can you make your software review website visible and entice the audience to listen? We suggest that you can do some research on your own, but this often takes time and a lot of costly mistakes before you can see some success. If you really want to succeed, you need to learn how to leverage the skills and knowledge of those already experienced in the field. But of course, an understanding of the field is essential, that is, you must learn how SEO, or search engine optimization can work. You might’ve heard about it before, but don’t think that SEO is simply putting lots of links and keywords that direct people to your site. That might’ve been how things worked before, but today’s SEO is no more just about keywords. The point is that you need to change the approach quickly, right from the start. Don’t bring your SEO to the table with a spreadsheet of search rankings. In fact, your focus should make an immediate shift from algorithms to the needs of users. The moment you think about improving the search rankings of your website, you should start thinking strategically – step by step.” With this, we made sure to differentiate mere tactics from an actual marketing strategy. A tactic is merely the method you use to carry out a task, while a strategy is the framework of tasks you follow in achieving your goal. Marketing strategies for website are based on this framework, so in order to earn from making software reviews, you have plan out how your website is going to work.

Firstly, you need to make sure you know whom your intended audience since your content will have to be tailored to their needs. In order to do this, you should study your market and try to create a definite profile of which segment of the market you want to target. In our case, we’ve already discussed how people are looking for reviews so they know whether to purchase an app or not. In order to narrow down your audience, ask yourself about whether your making reviews for a specific operating system, or if you’re catering to both Mac and Windows users. Once you got your audience down, you need to find what they’re looking for. What’s the most popular app on the market right now? What’s the least? Do you know of an app that’s underappreciated but worth more than its price? Do this and look for the most common keywords people use to find what they’re looking for. Once you have these down, you need to make sure you differentiate yourself from your competitors and find a way to leverage your unique value to your audience. There many available tools you can use such as social media, video content, blogs, and others to expand your reach. After doing all of this, you have to measure the performance of your strategy and evaluate the whole thing in order to bring out points for improvement.

Top 6 Most Useful Free Software Ever

Technology makes our lives easier. But, there’s so many software and apps in the market today that it is important to choose the best ones. Times are changing now. More and more people prefer mobile devices over desktops. So, software for mobile devices are also getting a lot of attention from the tech savvy bunch.

Well, here’s our review of the most useful software ever:

1. Skype

SkypeSkype is definitely one of the best messaging and video conferencing app in the world. It is currently run by Microsoft and it’s free. Skype is also typically used by online and home-based businesses. It is one of the most-polished communication service ever created. It also offers subscriptions with unlimited calling minutes.

Skype is good, but it’s not perfect. It does not have the 911 calling ability and it does not have the call blocking feature.

Verdict: Skype is a low-cost solution for international calls. It is easy to install and this software is perfect for less tech savvy individuals.

2. Thunderbird

ThunderbirdMozilla’s open source email platform is one of the most powerful of its kind in the market today. It has 38 versions and it has all the amazing features – multiple languages, account set-up wizard, junk mail, phishing tools, and add-ons. What’s amazing about this platform is that you can run it from a removable USB stick.

This email platform is amazing, but it has its downsides, too. You actually need to install the task manager and calendar separately so it takes a lot of time. It also lacks support of the Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Verdict: Mozilla Thunderbird is not perfect, but it is pretty awesome. It has unique features and it is extremely useful for people who are running their business from home.

3. Evernote

EvernoteEvernote helps you manage your documents more effectively. It helps you create and upload documents to the cloud. It allows you to store photos and videos. It also has the web clipping features which allows you to clip things from various websites and save them.

This software is cool but it has a few disadvantages, too. Evernote is not designed for large documents. It is just designed to create and save notes. So, if you want to create and save large amount of files, this is not the best software for you. The free Evernote account is also pretty limiting so you’ll have to pay $5 a month to enjoy the full features.

4. Team Viewer

Team ViewerTeam viewer allows you to access someone else’s desktop and solve certain tech issues remotely. This is one of the most groundbreaking software created. This was created in 2005 but it became popular after the release of the 5th version in 2009. This software is easy to set up and you can get a lot of functionalities in the free version.

The only downside of this software is that you need a VPN connection to print from a remote PC.

Verdict: This software has a fast display and it is extremely useful, especially for those who have home-based businesses.

5. Dropbox

dropboxDropbox is one of the most amazing cloud-based online document storage system. It was launched in 2007 and it can integrate over one hundred thousand third party applications. It comes with a free version, but if you want to enjoy its full features you have to upgrade to Dropbox Pro which costs $9.99 a month. The data security measures of Dropbox are pretty impressive.

The major downside of this software is that it lacks support features.



SERPSEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most popular internet marketing technique nowadays. It is the process of getting your website on top of the search engine results. SERPS is a great Google rank checker. It is free and you do not need to install anything to use it.However, it is not as accurate as the paid rank checkers so we do not recommend this.The tech world is constantly changing so you have to keep up and install the most advanced software today.